Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lots of New....ton

Haha, I'm so funny....well I think I'm so funny.  It's tons of new stuff..."New-ton"

I'm finally bloggin since I haven't in like I don't know...FOREVERRRRRRRRR!
We've had a few exciting things happen in the last couple of months.
First of all we're PREGNANT!  yay for a new member of our family!
Second, Doug finished another semester of school. Yay for that cause Douglas hates school...haha!
Third, Doug decided NOT to go sell alarm systems with APX which I'm really glad about so now I have a husband for the summer.  That's exciting.
Fourth, we found out our baby is......A GIRL!!!!

We also just went to Zion National park after we found out.  It was my Mother's Day present kinda.  It's funny though because I want everyone to know that hiking in Zion is FREAKIN hard.  Especially when you're pregnant but we had tons of fun!

Gorgeous huh?  Anyway, it was way awesome.  Thanks to Tim for the trailer and Justina for coming so me and my belly weren't the only girls!

And just so everyone knows we do have a name for our baby!!! SHE WILL BE ELOISE ALEXIS NEWTON!
(Douglas picked it out)

Well those have been our adventures over the past while.  We'll see if I can keep up with life on the blog now :0)