Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow it's Almost JULY

July is right around the corner!  Holy Cow!

Well we've been busy.  We went to Moab and it was so freakin' HOT!
 I can't even believe I survived cause the whole time I was sweaty!  That's never happened to me before.
Something I thought was so funny, when we were hot and outside and hiking Eloise held perfectly still.  I don't think she liked the heat.  I think she just floated in there uncomfortably wishing she could be like 'mom, get me in the pool or the air conditioning.' See, she's got some Douglas in her :0)

We had so much fun with my family and Dallas and the Price family.  Here are a few pics.

Beautiful place.  Yes I hiked to Delicate was far. And Douglas is being the Little Mermaid again, yes shirtless.

Well, it's been crazy fun, more stuff to come!
Yay for life.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life....sometimes is no fun

So I realized last night that sometimes being an adult isn't really any fun.....
  Why is it that you have to have all sorts of responsibility to learn anything from life?
Can't I just hang out all day and do fun things and still learn what I need to from life?
   I don't really like having to do dishes or cook dinner,
   I don't really like cleaning the house or doing the laundry,
   I don't really like it when I have to go to bed alone because my husband is doing homework,

I do like the sun
And the fact I'm going to be a mom.
I do like the breeze
I do like the mountains and water and trees.

Why can't I just do those things all day?

Sorry I'm complaining, but lately I've been really down.  It's hard to be positive when you think you're doing right and everything keeps going wrong.
OH will be over soon right?
And I still am alive and can be grateful for life......I'll try.

Hopefully a happier post will come.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

What we've been up to lately....

We've been kinda busy these past couple days. But is has been so FUN!
Last Saturday we went looking for two items we have been saving up for and we were able to get them!
A video camera and a brand new camera!  It's awesome because now we can be completely practiced up for when Eloise comes and we'll be able to capture so many fun moments!
Douglas is the video camera operator and I am the camera operator for now :0) We'll probably switch off every now and then, but that's currently who's in charge of which devices.
We've also made a little bit more progress on the second bedroom, which is so great.  We're getting closer all because of my Dad and Mom.  They are such hard workers.

Douglas and I are working still and so that sometimes makes for tired nights, but we're trying to still learn about Eloise coming and getting our home ready for her. 
We'll also be starting our birthing class on July 9, which makes us both excited, but WOW that means that a baby is coming soon.  I'm kind of scared, but that will probably just get worse before it gets better...but it will get better.....right?

My mom and sisters and I have also been up to making some fun things for Eloise when she gets here.  I've posted a picture of one of our latest projects.  Promise it's cute!  
Anyway, that's what's been happening at our humble abode, so ya.

Love you!

Aunt Darlene at Art City Days Parade
Douglas at Parade
Lexi too!
Douglas and his new Video Camera
Camo Booties!  Yes we made them girly.  And they are stinkin cute!
(All pictures taken with our New Nikon Camera)