Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's been a while

I realize I haven't blogged in a while and a lot has happened.  Douglas and I have both started school.  It's kind of a mad house around here.
Douglas just finished his first set of tests and he did so fabulous!   He got 90% on all of his tests.  That's freaking awesome!  Yup that's my amazing husband.  He did all that even while watching Eloise three days a week in the afternoon!\
I had my nails final and it was a little nerve racking, but I did really well.  Now that my nail program is over I will be starting hair theory.  I'll be learning the techniques of cutting and coloring for the next eight weeks and then I'll be on the floor for actually doing it.  I'm really excited.

Now what everyone really cares about....ELOISE. ;0)
She is doing so fabulous.  She is 5 months now and getting bigger everyday!
She weighs 19lbs 8 oz and is 25 inches long.
She is very chatty and loves to scream and squeal and tell you exactly how she feels.
She absolutely LOVES to try new foods and I'm glad she's not picky.
We just love her so much and can't wait to see what happens next.

I'll post soon a bunch of pictures!