Monday, June 25, 2012

Today I wanted to talk about my sweet husband.  I sometimes forget to tell everyone how amazing he is.  He is never quick to anger.  Never does he yell.  He knows how to calm my child and how to calm his silly wife.  He will always do what I ask, when I ask it.  He never acts put out or exasperated.  He will always take care of me and Eloise first.  He talks with me...well mostly he listens while I talk at him.  He loves all of his family members.  He provides for his family.  He works hard and will always work hard.  He is funny and a nerd.  He is spiritual and a rock in any sort of storm.  I love him with all of my heart and can't wait to keep living my life and after with him. I'm glad I met him and I hope I will always remember how wonderful he is.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little Miracles

So, my dear sweet baby is....miraculous.  Today while trying to learn/teach how to use the potty :0) she made a beautiful remark.  Now, let me remind everyone that my little girl is already her own person.  She may only be 21 months old, but she is so mature that I don't have any idea where she came from.  The only thing I know is she's straight from heaven.
Anyway, back to the story......while on the potty she started talking about Douglas' Uncle Dave.  She told us she liked Dave and she told us he was really nice.  You are wondering why this is so miraculous?  Uncle Dave has been in heaven since 2004.  Eloise has never met Dave here on Earth, that I know of.  We asked if she had seen Uncle Dave and she replied, "ya," almost as though we should've seen him too.  We asked her where Dave was and she told us, "he's with Mamu."  Mamu is her uncle Michael here on Earth that she loves SO much!  Michael has been having a rough couple of months and so it was interesting/wonderful to hear. The best part is that Eloise has never seen a picture of Uncle Dave in her life and she pointed him out to everyone un-prompted by anyone in the family.
The miracle of all of this is that it re-affirms the fact that none of us are ever alone.  Even when we feel that no one else is there, that no one understands, we may just have an Uncle Dave that we can't see always watching over us.