Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recent Adventures

This is my tap recital that I didn't tell anyone about....because well it's kinda silly that I dance with the little kids, but I had TONS of fun. It was our Christams concert and so yay for our santa hats and red and green.

Also, we had lots of fun the other night with Mitch and Jennica and soon to be born baby Rice. We got to go to the Jazz game and it was AWESOME! They had an extra set of tickets on the fifth row and it was great! I could see the Jazz players face sweat! It was an awesome game because the Jazz came from behind and WON! That's because of our awesome karma there with Mitch and Jennica! Thanks again Mitch and Jennica!!

Yay for adventures...more to come soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


It's winter time.........

The holidays come. The family arrives.

Everything is busy.

The snow is here and everyone forgets how to drive.......

The stores stay open late, christmas lights make the world come alive.

The nights get cold

My blankets are warm

I don't want to leave my bed.....

I remember my Savior and the reason for this time.

How can I help lift someone's spirit?

I sit and I watch the snow fall

It quiets the world and helps calm my soul....