Monday, June 25, 2012

Today I wanted to talk about my sweet husband.  I sometimes forget to tell everyone how amazing he is.  He is never quick to anger.  Never does he yell.  He knows how to calm my child and how to calm his silly wife.  He will always do what I ask, when I ask it.  He never acts put out or exasperated.  He will always take care of me and Eloise first.  He talks with me...well mostly he listens while I talk at him.  He loves all of his family members.  He provides for his family.  He works hard and will always work hard.  He is funny and a nerd.  He is spiritual and a rock in any sort of storm.  I love him with all of my heart and can't wait to keep living my life and after with him. I'm glad I met him and I hope I will always remember how wonderful he is.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little Miracles

So, my dear sweet baby is....miraculous.  Today while trying to learn/teach how to use the potty :0) she made a beautiful remark.  Now, let me remind everyone that my little girl is already her own person.  She may only be 21 months old, but she is so mature that I don't have any idea where she came from.  The only thing I know is she's straight from heaven.
Anyway, back to the story......while on the potty she started talking about Douglas' Uncle Dave.  She told us she liked Dave and she told us he was really nice.  You are wondering why this is so miraculous?  Uncle Dave has been in heaven since 2004.  Eloise has never met Dave here on Earth, that I know of.  We asked if she had seen Uncle Dave and she replied, "ya," almost as though we should've seen him too.  We asked her where Dave was and she told us, "he's with Mamu."  Mamu is her uncle Michael here on Earth that she loves SO much!  Michael has been having a rough couple of months and so it was interesting/wonderful to hear. The best part is that Eloise has never seen a picture of Uncle Dave in her life and she pointed him out to everyone un-prompted by anyone in the family.
The miracle of all of this is that it re-affirms the fact that none of us are ever alone.  Even when we feel that no one else is there, that no one understands, we may just have an Uncle Dave that we can't see always watching over us.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I know that I sometimes get these hair brained ideas that get talked about on my blog.  I also realize that I seem to not post for weeks and weeks and then tell the whole world how I'm feeling.  Well, here I got again...for both of those things.
I was sitting in church today, not really listening because I have a 17 month old who is super "active" in church. I try, really I do, but sometimes I only hear bits and pieces and can't really make out what the whole theme of sacrament meeting was.  Anyway, sitting there in church.  I looked to my right and there is my husband sitting, pretty sure he was sleeping, and I thought "wow this cannot get any worse.  I have no idea what is going on in church.  My kid is being out of control. My husband is so tired from all of his school work he can't help. I'm so tired from being a "single" mom that I don't care.  And everyone around me is probably wondering why I'm not doing anything about any of it."  Well, that's seriously how I felt all day.  Poor pity me, poor pity me.  I then heard the end of a talk which said " 3 Nephi 27:27 'even as I am' " The sister said that was the example we needed to follow. Jesus Christ. And love as much as we could because the Lord himself had said that love will make everything else work.  I thought, 'seriously? Love?  I love a lot and nothing seems to get any better.'
Wow, I was in a funk today....sorry.
Anyway, I sent my sick baby and tired husband home to get some rest while I went to Primary.  I currently teach eight to twelve 4 year old boys.  They are different and remind me how grateful I am I have a girl cause I understand her.  It was Primary as usual and I went home.
Let me get to the point here.....It wasn't until I was driving home from dinner at my in-laws that I began to understand the tiny bit that I had heard today.  It was just for me to hear.
My husband and I were talking about all of the great people that we currently live by and how fantastic they are.  How you would never know anything was wrong because they always are looking out for everyone else.  The family that spoke in church today is one of them.  The husband was violently ill for weeks before anyone even knew and then he hesitated to ask for a blessing because he was sure someone else needed the blessings more than he.  I then asked about another family and my husband said, "well he has a new calling, she just had the baby, and the job situation is rocky again."  I thought to myself  'Elise, when was the last time you asked someone else how they were doing and really cared to know? When did you ask how YOU could help instead of wishing someone would ask you if you needed help?'  And it hit me.  When did the Savior ever ask for help?  Never.  He was always looking for someone who need His help.  When did the Savior ever say 'oh I'm so sad'?  Never.  He always brightened someone else's day.  I need to remember the greatest example of love that there is and it's true everything else will be brighter because I will be able to shine his presence even brighter through me.
Wow, who knew I could actually get something out of the tid bit......He did and I'm glad He made me listen.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Life, life, life

Do you ever wonder how life gets completely out of control?
I do on a daily basis.
For an update on our hectic lives......:0)
Douglas is in his last semester of school!!! Woot! Woot!
He is currently taking 19 credits so it's kind of like I'm a single parent.  Hahaha he really does a lot though.  He still helps out with the baby when he can!  He's freakin' amazing.
I am still in Cosmetology school.  Almost done.  I have about 800 hours left so SWEET!
Now for the part that everyone really cares about (wink, wink)
She is16 months old and so SO busy.
She loves Calliou, Sesame Street, and Eloise (ironic no?)
She loves to color and to run.  She also loves to dance and sing!
She is so hysterical and so frustrating all at the same time!  I love her!

(crazy red eye :0P)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Few New Things....

So it's fantastic to be here.....haha at 6:33 am.  I'm getting a little better at being awake early, but sometimes like today, I wish I was still asleep.
Eloise is SUPER close to walking.  She's a little older in her brain I swear because she will walk until she realizes she's doing it by herself and then like an adult she's like "oh my gosh I'm doing this by myself, and I know I can't so I can't!" and then she falls down.  She's supposed to be so unafraid because she hasn't learned about not being able to do things yet I thought, but she knows.  It's great though because every now and then you can tell her, "Eloise I know you can do it" and she'll walk straight to you.  I love that she may have a little doubt, but her trust of knowing I know she can do it is super cool.  I like that she trusts me know because that may change someday.
Haha she's hilarious......
I can't wait for her to get bigger.  I just love her.  I hope she can always need me for love, fun, and excitement.

See you for now.


Friday, July 22, 2011

I love my baby

So my little baby is not so little anymore. But I freakin' love her.  And I'm going to tell you all about how cute I think she is. Haha
She loves to take a bath in the sink and it's hilarious because she's almost too big for it :0)
Recently she loves to sing while taking a bath in the sink....which is even better.
She loves to dance to any song while we drive in the car.
She loves loves loves outside.  Whenever we go outside she points to the trees and exclaims "oooo"
She is trying to run before she walks.  Which is funny cause she wants to walk so bad.
She loves to dip any type of food, in any type of sauce.  Her favorites though are ketchup and ranch.
She loves to bang any toy, spoon, straw, french fry, anything on an surface to see what noise it makes.  She may be destined to be a drummer.
She loves to smack her lips after she tastes any type of drink.  It's like she's tasting it a little more and appreciating it way more than any 10 month old should.
She loves to watch Sesame Street and thinks that the muppets are freakin hilarious.  She always laughs whenever it comes on.
She loves popsicles, ice cream, and ice.  Watch out if you have one of those cause you'll have to share.
These are only a few of the things, I love that she loves.  I know mushy and all mommy like, but I can have moments like those every now and then.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So today was the day people!  My alarm was set for 5:05 a.m.  I was supposed to arise and go for a run, come home and make breakfast, get ready and have some mommy time before the baby woke up.  The alarm went off and guess what? I didn't hesitate!!!!! I got right out of bed, turned it off and got out the door.  Mind you, I was tired and the sleep didn't wipe itself from my eyes until I was about 1/3 of the way into the run ( more like a medium jog cause let's be honest.....I can't run to save my life :oS)  but I did it!!!! Yahoo!!!! I got home, showered and made breakfast, and the blog is my mommy time! You know, it sounds cheesy, but this is really going to help me feel better about myself.  I'm excited!
So moving on to my little baby!!! She's not really a baby anymore, but like all mom's say, she'll always be my baby!
She can almost walk by herself, it's freakin' nuts! She will pull herself up onto furniture in no time flat.  She'll walk around holding onto anything and Douglas can usually get her to take about 3 steps to him all by herself.  It's so amazing to me the trust kids have in their parents though...she takes those 3 steps and then she just starts to lean forward, toward whom ever is standing there, like "here I come, you're going to catch me right?" I hope I can catch her every time she leans toward me for help, but I don't know, she may have to fall a couple times.
I'm sure those of you who read my blog saw her awesome first word on facebook! I love that she says that now.  We went to Cabela's last night and she is for sure Douglas' daughter.  Every animal that was hanging or standing anywhere in that store, she pointed at and said "wow" or the variation "whoa" It's so stinkin' hilarious, but she loves Cabela's just as much as her dad.
Here's another cute video of her dancing.  Anytime we have on music and we turn it up she'll dance, and when you turn it down she stops.  Now, this video is a little harder to see because me, being really dumb with technology, didn't realize I wasn't recording when she was doing it really well, but watch closely.  And her favorite music to dance to is rock, like Linkin Park, which is also something her dad would pick.  Do you think she likes her dad at all?