Friday, August 5, 2011

Few New Things....

So it's fantastic to be here.....haha at 6:33 am.  I'm getting a little better at being awake early, but sometimes like today, I wish I was still asleep.
Eloise is SUPER close to walking.  She's a little older in her brain I swear because she will walk until she realizes she's doing it by herself and then like an adult she's like "oh my gosh I'm doing this by myself, and I know I can't so I can't!" and then she falls down.  She's supposed to be so unafraid because she hasn't learned about not being able to do things yet I thought, but she knows.  It's great though because every now and then you can tell her, "Eloise I know you can do it" and she'll walk straight to you.  I love that she may have a little doubt, but her trust of knowing I know she can do it is super cool.  I like that she trusts me know because that may change someday.
Haha she's hilarious......
I can't wait for her to get bigger.  I just love her.  I hope she can always need me for love, fun, and excitement.

See you for now.