Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm grateful.....

Today was a rough day....I was throwing up all day today and I have no idea why.  For a while I was really upset about it, but then I realized that I needed to be grateful because there are so many things that could be worse.
You see this week has been rough for Douglas and myself.  Douglas had to go to work in Colorado this week which is a blessing and a curse.  He's gone for a week, but he makes more when he does work out there.  So it's a catch 22.  I want him here, but we need to save for our baby Eloise so it's a dilemma.
Well, this week in Colorado was really rough for Douglas because he got stung by wasps at a home he was working at and he has allergic reaction to bee stings.  His hand stared to swell and hurt really bad.  He uses his hands all day and was far from our hospital and doctors so he was really stressed.  On top of that it started to rain and he does all of his job outside so he was hurting and soaking wet at the same time. 
Because of who I am, I"m not a very good listener because I just want to take action and fix it, so I wasn't very sympathetic to him because I was trying to make him think positive and thinking of how I could make it didn't help.  hahaha
So what did I do, I called our insurance company.  I'm so grateful for insurance, even though it costs a lot of money, it helps so much.  They told me because it was an emergency it was completely covered because he was out of state.  So I found an urgent care on Google near where he was....I'm grateful for Google.  He maybe didn't want to go, but he did and he was so much better!!!
So today was rough because I was throwing up all day with taking the medicine I've had to take since the beginning of being pregnant.  I'm not sure why, but it was draining, but I found out why I'm grateful for that.  Eloise was moving and grooving like crazy today.  She's still growing and she was moving so I wasn't worried so I guess I'm grateful for throwing upHahaha
It's kinda funny, but I tried to have a positive attitude today and it worked.  It was just rough.  I'm grateful for the lesson that I learned today.  Staying positive helps. I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father for teaching me that lesson apparently I needed to learn it. 

Love you all,

Elise and Eloise (cause she's with me too :o) )