Monday, November 30, 2009


Now I'm not writing this today to be a complainer or anything...
I just need to get this off of my chest cause it's stressing me out!

Do you ever just feel so powerless when it comes to money?
Sometimes, like today, I look at my bills and then at my bank account, and just hate being poor!

I know, I know it's good for me and everyone goes through it and some people live it everyday of their lives, but why do we even have to have money?! I mean really! It gives me such anxiety deep down in the pit of my stomach because I know on some things the balance won't go down for a while and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it! It gets so old..........I love all of this "learning" that I'm getting and going through, but really to be honest, I'm fed up with it.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a better attitude...........maybe not........

BYE.............(please don't start charging me for this too.........)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a Legend in my own Mind.....

So I'm sitting here in my pure BOREDOM today thinking......
which really is never a good thing.

Has anyone ever wondered how we can get to such a place in our existence that we write an entire news story on which actresses will play the next Charlies Angels?
How is that a front page news story?
And really.....who wants the Charlies Angels series back on TV?

Or how come we are still talking about the death of Michael Jackson?
Shouldn't we be worrying about protecting and helping the people in our world who are still living?

Why is it that all of our politicians can't just admit when they're WRONG?
Why do they always have to blame someone else for what is wrong with the world.

You made the were supposed to be speaking for me and you didn't.......unemployment wasn't supposed to rise above 7, wait 8....wait 9.......wait......... has it stopped?
Shouldn't we be teaching everyone to take responsibility for their actions whether a good decision or a poor one?

I don't really know how I feel about pulling up ABC news and seeing all of the death and destruction of not only the world, but other human lives.
A father kills his son
A 15 yr old kills a 9yr old to see what it feels like
A 5 yr old girl's remains are found where her mother dug her a shallow grave
Another war.......another shooting..........millions lost there innocent man was killed in his own home.

When will we talk about........I don't know the fact that the sun is still shining?
Or that gas is still under $3 per gallon.
Why not make the readers or watchers laugh because there is already enough crying going on in the world today.

Shouldn't the goal for all of us be to just be grateful that we're all living?
To be able to write something uplifting?
To teach our children that they should take responsibility for their actions and do everything in there power to make the next decision a better one?

I don't know.....
That's just what I have been thinking about today........
I just wish I was more than one person........I guess.

I'm glad I'm still here......fighting for a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So today I've kinda been avoiding this blog stuff.
Let me share why....
So I had been working for 2 whole days on getting all of the previously posted pictures up. At first I had tried to make them all cutesie and scrapbooky and have really fun captions.
I painful highlighted letters and had a fun array and variety of words that jumped out at you and made you want to read. all erased!

Let me share that I have just gotten a new laptop and they may have been why, I may have pressed a button inadvertenly and done it myself, but none the less, I had to start over to where it had auto saved last and let me share that it doesn't save very well.

I was so angry and so I had to stop and work on it again last night. After 2 hours, yes 2 hours, I finally thought I had it and so I previewed my work.
Let me share that the preview and the draft do not look anything close to the same all.
So very frustrated I started over. I copied and pasted the text into a word document thinking I could just copy it back, and started with just pictures. I downloaded all of the pictures again, re captioned all of them, and went to copy and paste my fun description back in and it won't copy.

Let's just say I almost threw my very expensive new laptop.
Sometimes keeping all of you informed really gets me all worked up. I really wanted it to be cute and it ended up being not so cute.

I just want you to know that I do it all out of love, but yesterday I was really really angry and almost erased the whole thing and made it disappear, but I didn't.
I lived to blog another day!

Goodbye, cruel world!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

YAY! I figured it out......well Douglas did :0)

Douglas helped me figure out how to do this blogging stuff, since you can see because you're logged on. Here are a few of our adventures that we've had over the summer. Starting with Disneyland and Seaworld. We also went to Laguana Beach which had freezing cold water, but that didn't stop us.
PS. Thanks Douglas I love you!
We found Crabs!
Aly and Dallas. This was their senior trip! Yay for bringing me!
Douglas and I on the Roger Rabbit ride. No we are not going to puke..promise.

Waiting for Thunder Mountain. Coolest ride ever!

Lexi and Shylan riding California Screamer. Yes Lexi rode it 3 times. So much for being scared.

Touching Stingrays, so stinking cool!

All of us girls had to have the cutest Disney we all did.

Goofy's Kitchen. My Favorite Place Ever!!!!

I really love the ice cream Mickey sandwiches there, but they REALLY like my teeth.

So that's just a few of our adventures. More to come, but only if I don't throw this computer because this blog editor sucks really bad!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow....I think I'm a blonde.....yup

So I'm sitting here trying to understand how to do this 'BLOG' stuff.
All I want to do is change the background on my blog, but since I have no idea about any of the technical jargon....I'm having technical difficulties.

Have you ever wondered if the reason older people have so much trouble with all of our new "hip youngster stuff" is because it is actually HARD to understand?
I mean really what do all of the acronyms really mean?
Why can't we just write it out in plain English?
They say that it is really easy so maybe I'm really dumb?

I promise that soon I will have a super cute blog that will have lots of pictures and lots of fun backgrounds, but I'm going to need my husband who's actually studying this stuff to tell ME what it is they want me to do.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm really the epitome of.............BLONDE.
Or maybe I'm an old soul in a young body?

Nope that can't be it.

Must be the previous...............oh well, at least I've come to terms with it right?

Later Gators!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've turned to the "Dark Side"

And so it begins.....

I have decided that because I have suddenly become everyone's worst Facebook stalker.....yes I have visited all of your pages lately....more than you know and more than I care to admit.....I need to start a blog.

So here we go....

I don't know that any of you will care to hear what I have to blog about, but at least I won't be so bored out of my mind that I just

Today I've decided to start with everything I love.
I love that my mom can stop into work and make my day better
I love that my husband will take time to bring me a coat when he hears I'm freezing at work
Even though sometimes I don't act like it, I love my job because it means I can pay my bills........even though sometimes that super sucks
I love being poor because I don't ever have to worry about "keeping up with the Jones' " cause everyone knows that I couldn't anyway
I love dancing because I can look like a complete idiot, but still feel good about myself
I love my life because hey even though it may be uneventful at times, at least I'm living it
I love..............well you get the idea, today I LOVE EVERYTHING.