Monday, January 30, 2012

Life, life, life

Do you ever wonder how life gets completely out of control?
I do on a daily basis.
For an update on our hectic lives......:0)
Douglas is in his last semester of school!!! Woot! Woot!
He is currently taking 19 credits so it's kind of like I'm a single parent.  Hahaha he really does a lot though.  He still helps out with the baby when he can!  He's freakin' amazing.
I am still in Cosmetology school.  Almost done.  I have about 800 hours left so SWEET!
Now for the part that everyone really cares about (wink, wink)
She is16 months old and so SO busy.
She loves Calliou, Sesame Street, and Eloise (ironic no?)
She loves to color and to run.  She also loves to dance and sing!
She is so hysterical and so frustrating all at the same time!  I love her!

(crazy red eye :0P)